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K-TIG In Action

Industry leading, advanced TIG welding technology that combines increased productivity with high quality results.

K-TIG Live Demonstrations

See how some of our loyal customers worldwide have been using industry leading advanced Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding technology to competitive advantage. If we can help them increase productivity and achieve consistently high quality, imagine how we can help you improve your operations with one of our systems, turnkey welding pages, or advanced integrated welding systems.

K-TIG Comparisons

The proof is in the numbers. Observe the difference between our Keyhole Tungsten Inert Gas (K-TIG) technology and conventional TIG welding. What you will see is that K-TIG welding systems weld materials faster and at a higher quality than alternative welding technologies. Due to the remarkable welding speeds and production output of the K-TIG system, you are able to consistently meet the tightest production schedules.

K-TIG Automated Welding

The K-TIG high-speed automated welding process uses a variation of Keyhole Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) technology to produce high-quality welds. Our Keyhole Tungsten Inert Gas technology (the reason for our company’s name) can be used to achieve repeatable results at Higher Speeds (up to 30x faster than traditional TIG welding processes), Better Weld Quality, Reduced Operator Fatigue, Better Welding Environment, and Less Material Waste.

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Beyond the welds described in the previous sections of this page, K-TIG has the technology to perform other kinds of welds for applications in Aerospace; Defence; Filtration & Water Treatment; Food & Beverage; Maritime; Nuclear; Oil & Gas; Pharmaceutical; Pipes, Tanks & Vessels; and Power Generation. With 100% repeatability, K-TIG welding systems can help you meet the most demanding specifications and the highest industry standards.