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Defence: Military Welders x10

Improve Mission-Readiness

Our advanced, high-precision welding solutions are military welders times ten. We ensure decreased weld time and increased efficiency to help your equipment retain its structural integrity under the harshest field conditions or while in storage for extended periods of time.

By offering a welding technology that can operate with or without filler material, our system is a practical alternative to other welding solutions because it can enable you or your customers to:

  • Improve Repeatability
  • Maintain Mechanical Properties for Lower Distortion
  • Make Stronger, Tougher Welds Beyond the Capabilities of Conventional Technologies

For turnkey Keyhole TIG Welding Solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements and set the standard for excellence, use the form below to tell us about your application.

Parked beige military tank facing camera
Costs Less
Harder, Stronger & Tougher Welds
Less Rework
More Energy Efficient
Better Quality
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