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K-TIG Distribution

Together, we can help fabricators accelerate and expand their automation programs and systems.

High-speed welding with x-ray quality and zero impurities unlocks new levels of productivity and competitiveness.

K-TIG Distributors Stay Ahead of the Welding Automation Curve

K-TIG is expanding its global network of distributors who are leaders in welding automation and integration, robotics and advanced fabrication technologies or services. Authorised K-TIG distributors enjoy being part of an elite group of companies. These companies are known for their outstanding welding technology integration ability and exceptional customer service. We reward our distributors with generous product discounts, extensive training and sales leads for new distributors.

K-TIG Technology

What does K-TIG do? Read more here.

Tell us a little bit about you

If you’d like to hear more about becoming a K-TIG distributor then please complete the Potential Distributor Questionnaire.

Next Steps

Once you complete the potential distributor questionnaire on this page, we’ll be in touch again shortly to discuss your expectations, capabilities and answer your questions.

Get Full Access to the Partner Booklet

Discover how our technology will help you develop your market and become a catalyst for transforming the welding industry. Download a copy of our distribution partner booklet below.


Join the K-TIG Distribution Network

Join others who have come on board as a distribution partner, such as Key Plant in the USA and UK, MITUSA in the USA, Weld Plus in the USA,  Jiangsu Guanglian in China, BMC Marine Muhendislik in Turkey, Arctec Welding in Ireland,  Metawelding in Spain, SAMJIN and IWS in South Korea, Ashraf Group in Pakistan, Jacom in Vietnam along with Renttech SA in South Africa. As an authorised distributor, your company can help fabricators accelerate and expand their welding automation programs and systems. Your company will enjoy a distinct competitive advantage by offering advanced welding automation technology.  K-TIG is an innovation for welding automation solutions globally. It offers extraordinary speed and productivity. Single-pass, full penetration GTAW welding.

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Potential Distributor Questionnaire

Distributor Benefits

  • Generous product discounts 
  • K-TIG structured marketing support
  • Training and commissioning for the first two customers
  • Premium high-tech brand association
  • Assistance to establish a world-class demonstration facility
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Ability to solve customer problems and improve technical expertise

Official K-TIG Distributor logo

Official Distributor Logo