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Bio & Pharmaceutical: Sanitary Welding

Improve Your Sanitary Welding Operations

K-TIG automated welding systems, turnkey welding packages, and advanced integrated welding systems give you repeatable results that help you achieve:

  • Hygienic / Sanitary Welds
  • Zero Gap
  • Less Distortion
  • Better Internal Finishes

Our technology provides you with smooth welded joints in bio-pharma vessels that are optimised for the highest standards. The quality of our welds also makes it easier to clean production equipment, inhibit bacteria growth and eliminate the probability of spatter that can compromise product quality and lead to costly recalls.

For Keyhole TIG Welding Solutions that can be customized to any environment where superior hygiene and maximum efficiency are critical to meeting regulatory requirements and business goals, use the contact form below to tell us about your application.

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Costs Less
Works Better & Faster
Less Rework
More Energy Efficient
Better Quality
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