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Keyhole TIG Welding: The Future is Here

We believe that quality fabrication is at the heart of humanity’s greatest technological achievements. Everything starts with a great weld and K-TIG’s advanced technology enables our customers to transform the economics of fabrication, and help their communities thrive.

K-TIG is trusted by customers in more than 20 countries. With customers in industries ranging from Pipes, Tanks & Vessels to Aerospace & Defense, our technology is flexible, efficient, and delivers high-quality finishes.

Read on to learn more about the technology behind Keyhole TIG welding and what makes it such an ideal solution for applications in many industries.

What is Keyhole TIG Welding?

K-TIG, or Keyhole Tungsten Inert Gas, is a highly refined variation of TIG/GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) initially developed by Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and perfected by the team at K-TIG.

We innovated the CSIRO’s technological breakthrough and turned it into a viable, industry-ready welding system.

  • Keyhole TIG welding relies on an arc with a high energy density focused on a small area. This results in deeper and narrower penetration.

Why Use Keyhole TIG Welding?

The keyhole process is a game changer for the welding industry. Due to the keyhole TIG welding technique, K-TIG is able to offer a product that significantly reduces production time without compromising on quality or cost.

K-TIG makes welders far more efficient every day. With K-TIG’s industry-leading technology, you can:

  • Achieve greater depth in penetration and superior speed than conventional GTAW
  • Greatly reduce the cost of welding
  • Increase profitability
  • Not only are you getting a product that boosts efficiency, you’re also getting an advanced high-quality manufactured system.
K-TIG can compare your savings and productivity gains, offering benefits related to:
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Welding time
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Wire consumption
Blue grinder icon
Grinding time
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Gas consumption
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The running costs of K-TIG welding systems are extremely low. K-TIG’s high speed welding significantly reduces arc-on costs, like gas and power, and system consumables are negligible.

In addition to saving you money, K-TIG is also built to make installation a swift and stress-free process.

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Product Features and FAQs

The K-TIG process delivers advantages previously achievable with high-cost laser, hybrid laser or electron beam facilities. Instead, the K-TIG system provides a streamlined process that doesn’t compromise on quality.

This technology makes automated, high-quality, deep-penetration welding accessible to any small-to-medium sized fabricator.

The K-TIG patented technology was born from an extensive scientific study of the Gas-Tungsten-Arc Welding process at the CSIRO. This is the result of many innovations relating to the arc characteristics, including weld pool stabilization, heat removal, and general process efficiency.

What do I need to make the system work?

A K-TIG welding system is delivered as a fully integrated welding system comprising the K-TIG 1000 controller, torch, power supply, water cooler, wire feeder and torch mount and all associated cabling to enable you to be integration ready.

With a TIG welding system, you get a flexible system that offers:

A stand-alone system and components

Turnkey Welding cells

Integrated, customized solutions featuring optimal use of partners’ technologies/know-how

The only additional requirement for a stand alone K-TIG system is a form of automation to provide steady consistent travel speed and a rigid torch mount. This is still flexible and can be almost any kind of welding automation, such as rotators, positioners, turntables, seamers, carriages, robots, columns and booms and many others.

During commissioning, the K-TIG controller can be integrated with your automation equipment to ensure the welding process is as seamless as possible.

Does K-TIG meet code requirements?

K-TIG is a GTAW variant, not a new welding process. K-TIG is code permissible in any application in which TIG/GTAW is allowable.

What standards does K-TIG align?

K-TIG is one of a large number of GTAW modes/variants as defined by welding standards. Our technology is certified under the US welding codes.

K-TIG is a variant of GTAW and is treated as such by a range of different welding codes across the globe.

Can K-TIG be used with welding filler wire?

Wire can be added to any stage of the K-TIG welding process, including the full penetration keyhole welding pass. The wire feed rate can be completely automated to suit your application's requirements and your preferences.

Can K-TIG be used without welding filler wire?

Yes. K-TIG can also be used without the requirement of filler material, depending on your application and individual preferences.

What metals work well with K-TIG? 

The K-TIG process is well suited to lower conductivity materials and gives you the capability to weld more efficiently with stainless steels, nickel alloys, super duplex, duplex, titanium and carbon steels.

Which industries use K-TIG? 

K-TIG technology has been exported to 20 countries by a variety of fabricators from small to large.

In addition, K-TIG has dramatically improved productivity in a wide range of industries and applications, including process pipe fabrication, pipe & tube mills, and tank and vessel fabrication.

Our customers range from multinationals like GE and Siemens to industry specialists such as Bilfinger, Darchem, Titan Metal Fabricators, RV Industries and many others.

We actively partner with leading advanced manufacturing centers such as the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) in the UK, the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) in Australia and GE Global Research Center in the USA.