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K-TIG: Working in Industries Across the Globe

K-TIG is advancing the torch across a spectrum of industries worldwide. From pipes, tanks & vessels to aerospace and defence, K-TIG’s cutting-edge, industry-leading technology delivers higher productivity, greater efficiency,and more flexibility to manufacturing processes. 

With customers in more than 20 countries, K-TIG is delivering on the promises of this advanced technology, by helping customers stay ahead of the competition.

Which industries use K-TIG?

The diverse range of industries using K-TIG’s keyhole welding technology is the greatest testament to its flexible, efficient, and productive design.


K-TIG is ready to help you decrease weld time and increase overall efficiency. These advantages help to keep your equipment working in even the harshest of field conditions, or during long periods of storage.


K-TIG’s advanced welding technology is able to offer outstanding repeatability from dialled in specifications. This gives you peace of mind when manufacturing aerospace components of all shapes, sizes and degrees of complexity.

Power Generation

The power generation industry has a wide range of different requirements and K-TIG’s flexible welding technology is able to meet them. K-TIG allows you to meet rigorous and stringent quality control requirements, industry codes, and specifications.

Pipes, Tanks, Vessels

The manufacturing of pipes, tanks & vessels necessitates rigorous quality control and K-TIG is able to meet those requirements. K-TIG's flexibility allows you to meet even the most demanding quality control parameters, industry codes and specifications.

Bio & Pharmaceutical

K-TIG’s advanced design results in high reliability and improved quality. This is perfect for those manufacturing high-pressure vessels or tanks for bio-reactors and pharmaceutical applications. 

Food & Beverage

K-TIG delivers hygienic wields that prevent particles from getting caught and that result in less distortion, making our solution ideal for use in manufacturing food & beverage processing equipment.

Filtration & Water Treatment 

K-TIG’s industry-leading welding solution helps you achieve lower distortion, excellent repeatability and outstanding results with non-corrosive materials.

This makes K-TIG ideally suited to the production of equipment used in filtration & water treatment facilities.


Sail ahead of the competition with lower distortion and the ability to work with non-corrosive, greener & lighter metals for increased efficiency.

K-TIG’s advanced welding solutions are able to deliver the outcomes that shipbuilders and maintenance facilities need to stay ahead of the competition.


With a 100% repeatable process, K-TIG’s technology helps you improve the safety, stability and quality of storage containers for decommissioned materials and more by using a process that is 100% repeatable.

Once dialed in, your welds will pass the safety test every time.


K-TIG provides a narrow root bead and minimal heat-affected zone (HAZ) substantially reducing the susceptibility to hydrogen atom infusion into the weld

K-TIG welding is a specialized welding process that can be used to mitigate the effects of hydrogen embrittlement in certain applications

Oil & Gas

The flexibility of K-TIG allows you to easily meet the most demanding industry standards without compromising on efficiency or on achieving a high-quality finish.