Trusted by the world's most productive fabricators.

Superior performance is just the beginning.

K-TIG systematically addresses all of the key challenges in project and production fabrication.

High Speed

K-TIG is up to 100x faster than TIG/GTAW. 

K-TIG can weld 10-inch, Schedule 40 stainless steel pipe in just 3 minutes.

(Thickness - 3/8 inch | 9.5mm, Diameter - 10-inch | 250mm)


Full Penetration

K-TIG supports customers to weld at 8x the penetration of GTAW and typically 2x the penetration of Plasma Arc Welding (PAW).

K-TIG provides full penetration, single-pass keyhole welding in materials up to ½ inch | 12mm for most corrosion-resistant materials.  


Productivity & Profitability

K-TIG welds thicker, faster and at higher quality, delivering dramatic productivity gains and competitive advantage.

K-TIG customers leverage the extraordinary welding speeds provided by K-TIG to increase overall production output, enabling our customers to meet even the most challenging deadlines.



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K-TIG Keyhole TIG Welding


Exceptional Quality

K-TIG's robust process delivers reliable results, easily meeting all major code requirements like ASME, AWS, API, BS, CSA, CEN, AS/NZS and others. 

  • GE achieved a 66% reduction of defects.
  • TITAN Metal Fabricators achieved a 42% reduction of defects.
  • Bilfinger achieved a 73% reduction of grinding and cleaning.
  • TFW achieved a 100% reduction of grinding and cleaning.

Productivity Savings

The K-TIG customers below have been able to reduce their weld times by up to 95%. 

  • GE achieved a 95% reduction in weld times on a Stainless Steel Exhaust Diffuser.
  • TITAN Metal Fabricators achieved a 83% reduction in weld time on a 3/8 inch | 9.5mm, Titanium Pressure Vessels.
  • Bilfinger achieved a 90% reduction in weld time on Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels welded to ASME-9.
  • TFW achieved a 92% reduction in weld time on Stainless Steel Pipe Spooling.


K-TIG welding is a new productivity benchmark. It sets an entirely new bar for what can be achieved with an arc welding system. The speed, penetration, quality and overall savings generated by the process are extraordinary

Attila Szabo, Principal Joining Engineer, GE

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1911 K-TIG Equipment Composition (no shadows)


About K-TIG

K-TIG (Keyhole TIG) is a highly refined, keyhole variation of TIG/GTAW developed by the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Science & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and perfected by the K-TIG team. 

K-TIG has harnessed the CSIRO’s technological break-through and packaged it into a robust, production ready welding system with the best support in the industry.

K-TIG dramatically improves quality and productivity while providing a flexible robust solution which easily qualifies under ASME and other codes. Significantly reducing the cost of welding, increasing profitability and keeping fabrication industries on-shore.

K-TIG makes welders exponentially more efficient with 8x the penetration and up to 100x the speed of conventional GTAW, allowing it to perform outstanding quality welds in both pipe and plate materials up to 1/2 inch | 12mm thick in a single pass.

K-TIG is proven effective with and without filler wire by utilizing a square butt preparation, even in thicker materials.

This technology has been adopted by some of the world’s most productive fabricators, has been exported to more than 20 countries and is being used extensively in the vessel, tank, tube & pipe, oil & gas, nuclear, water treatment, defence and other industries. 

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K-TIG is suited to a wide range of applications and industries.

Materials - K-TIG is a precision process and is best suited to corrosion resistant materials, exotic materials, and some carbon steels. Suitable materials include Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Super Alloys, Super Duplex, Duplex, Titanium and more.

Set up & Automation -  Set up is simple. The K-TIG technology is delivered, installed and commissioned by your K-TIG engineer. You’ll require some form of automation to provide consistent torch travel speed and your K-TIG engineer can help you assess your requirements to work with your existing suitable automation or provide a full turn key package.

Training and Support -  K-TIG is your partner in productivity. Your K-TIG engineer is an experienced welder who will help you to assess your application, select automation equipment (if you don’t already have a suitable option), train you and your team, and support you in any new projects, changes or updates.

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K-TIG GE Case Study