Stainless Steel Welding with K-TIG

Are you regularly welding stainless steel from 3mm to about 12mm in thickness?

Do you frequently end up with unacceptable defect rates? Do you have consistently high levels of rework? Set-up and welding times taking way too long?

Not happy with your productivity and bottom line?

The Answer: Switch to K-TIG.

The primary attraction of K-TIG is that it is a fast, single-pass process, providing, for example, full penetration of stainless steel plates from 3 mm to about 12 mm thick.

Set-up is easy—bevel edges and root gaps are not required. In fact, as long as the root face or landing is within the recommended range, K-TIG can be used to weld double-u, double-j, double-v, v-prep, j-prep, u-prep, single bevel and single-j preparations for stainless steel. 

Joints are presented in closed square-butt configuration requiring minimal, if any, filler addition. Plus, impact toughness tests performed on austenitic stainless steel gave better results than multi-pass welds using filler metal.

While similar performance may be obtained with plasma arc welding, implementation costs are greater, and process operation is more complex.

K-TIG provides fabricators with the type of full-penetration welding technology that is capable of increasing productivity. It slashes job times by completing a traditional six-hour TIG weld in just three minutes, while still offering superior welds.


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What is K-TIG?

K-TIG (keyhole TIG) is a variant of GTAW that works across a whole range of applications. It easily handles longitudinal and circumferential welds on pipe, plate, spooling, vessel, tank and other materials. K-TIG only requires a square butt joint but can weld into all standard GTAW preparations—there’s no root gap required.

K-TIG’s incredibly fast welding times result in dramatic reductions in gas and power usage. Large single pass welds significantly reduce, or eliminate, grinding and reworking.

The K-TIG system welds effortlessly in 1G and 2G welding positions, can easily weld pipe diameters down to 3 inches, and is perfect for:

  • Titanium at 3mm to 16mm (1/8 to 5/8 inch)
  • Stainless steel at 3mm to 13mm (1/8 to 1/2 inch)
  • Alloys at 3mm to 9mm (1/8 to 11/32 inch)


Take the 'Will K-TIG Work for Your Business?' Questionnaire 


Why Use K-TIG for Stainless Steel Welding?

There are so many reasons to opt for K-TIG when welding stainless steel: 

  • Saves you money: K-TIG customers typically save 75% to 95% on costs compared to conventional TIG and GTAW welding processes.
  • Offers extraordinary speed: K-TIG is up to 100 x faster than TIG and GTAW. For example, a multi-hour conventional TIG weld is reduced to just 3 minutes when using K-TIG. 
  • Improves your productivity: K-TIG customers usually see a 50% boost in productivity when they switch to K-TIG.
  • Eliminates rework: K-TIG’s large single pass welds reduce or eliminate grinding and rework.
  • Is simple to use:

*  Arc structure and keyhole develop spontaneously and maintained automatically.

*  There is no plasma nozzle or orifice, and no precise electrode alignment is required.

*  Only one welding gas is used, flow rate is not critical, and the torches are very robust

  • Slashes consumables consumption: There’s no need for filler material with K-TIG. Plus, electrodes aren’t consumed in the weld pool, making electrode life extremely long—5 K-TIG electrodes last most fabricators 6 months.
  • Consistently delivers high-quality welds: K-TIG ensures high quality, repeatable welds that are fully compliant with your approved procedure, eliminating variations in weld speed and welder fatigue.
  • Your welders will thank you: K-TIG generates negligible fumes and vastly lower energy consumption through much shorter arc on times, greatly improved arc efficiency and the elimination of edge bevelling. K-TIG operators are typically removed from the arc zone, and may control the welding process remotely using the K-TIG pendant, further reducing potential health and safety impacts. 


Who Else Uses K-TIG?

Don’t just take our word for it.

We’re proud to say, K-TIG is being used by some of the world most advanced and innovative fabricators, including GE, Bilfinger and Aibel.

K-TIG welding is a new productivity benchmark. It sets an entirely new bar for what can be achieved with an arc welding system. The speed, penetration, quality and overall savings generated by the process are extraordinary.
Attila Szabo, Principal Joining Engineer, GE

How Do I Change to K-TIG?

It really couldn’t be easier.

For most stainless steel welding applications, the change from a traditional arc process to K-TIG is as easy as changing the torch and power source. Plus, the system is easy to use; anyone can be trained to operate the K-TIG system, not just skilled labour.

Literally all you have to do is setup the K-TIG system, and integrate the controller into your existing automation system (if you wish).


Take the 'Will K-TIG Work for Your Business?' Questionnaire