Full Penetration Stainless Steel Plate Weld (with 1mm Gap)

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5/16" (8mm) thick, 304 stainless steel plate with 1mm gap (wire added)

How to get the job done in less than 2 minutes with a full penetration, single pass keyhole weld using K-TIG (wire added). 


5/16" (8mm) 304 stainless steel plate with 1mm gap and pulse cover pass (wire added)

Using K-TIG, you can add a pulsed cover pass and still complete the weld less than 3 minutes.


K-TIG’s incredibly fast welding times result in dramatic reductions in labor costs, welding cycle times, rework and repair costs, gas and power consumption. 

The K-TIG process eliminates the need for edge bevelling and dramatically reduces or eliminates the need for filler material. K-TIG requires only a simple square butt joint, and can also be utilised with all standard GTAW preparations. 

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