Full Penetration Stainless Steel Plate Weld (8mm)

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5/16" (8mm) thick, 304 stainless steel plate

Completing the task with a full penetration, autogenous, single pass keyhole weld in less than 2 minutes using K-TIG. 


5/16" (8mm) thick, 304 stainless steel plate (wire added)

K-TIG is fully capable of welding autogenously, or with the addition of filler material during the keyhole pass. Filler wire is usually consumed at a fraction of the rate of a standard GTAW system.


5/16" (8mm) thick, 304 stainless steel plate (into a V-prep)

In very thick materials where a V-preparation is required, the recommended included angle of the preparation is 60-70 degrees. 


Benefits of the revolutionary K-TIG welding technology include:

  • Improved speed and productivity
  • Reduced gas and power consumption
  • Dramatic reduction in overall cost
  • Simplified / no edge preparation
  • Elimination of filler material requirements
  • Staff can now operate in a safe, clean, low-fume environment

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