Full Penetration Stainless Steel Plate Weld (12mm)

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15/32" (12mm), 304 Stainless Steel Plate (wire added)

Completing a full penetration, single pass weld in less than 2 minutes using K-TIG.


During commissioning, the K-TIG controller can be integrated with your automation equipment, so that the entire process can be reduced to a single button press (if you would like this level of automation).

One button press and the K-TIG controller will process the weld routine, turn on the rotator (or other weld automation equipment), turn on the gas, strike the arc, ramp up the current, perform the full penetration keyhole weld, perform the tie-in, ramp down the current, close the keyhole, turn off the power supply, turn off the gas, turn off the rotator and then go into standby ready for the next weld.

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