Full Penetration Stainless Steel Pipe Weld

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3/8" (9.5mm), 10" (250mm) diameter, 304 stainless steel pipe (autogenous)

How to get a full penetration, single pass, autogenous pipe welding job done in less than 4 minutes using K-TIG.


3/8" (9.5mm) thick, 10" diameter 304 stainless steel pipe (wire added)

K-TIG’s incredibly fast welding times result in dramatic reductions in labor costs, welding cycle times, rework and repair costs, gas and power consumption.


3/8" (9.5mm) thick, 304 stainless steel pipe (plus dual cover pass)

The K-TIG system welds effortlessly in 1G and 2G welding positions, and is perfect for titanium (at 3mm to 16mm), and stainless steel (at 3mm to 13mm).


K-TIG is fully capable of welding autogenously, or with the addition of filler material during the keyhole pass. Filler wire is usually consumed at a fraction of the rate of a standard GTAW system.

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