Our Vision & Values

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Together, our vision and values provide a framework for excellence, innovation and customer centricity.

K-TIG's Vision 

Our vision drives us to exceed our customer’s expectations by a wide margin. We want:
  • To dramatically improve the productivity of fabricators.
  • To improve the quality of welding in corrosion resistant materials.
  • To improve the occupational health and safety of welders.
  • To deliver on the aspirations of our customers as a reliable, trusted, world-class partner.

K-TIG Values

Our values provide a lens through which we strategise, execute and operate.
  • We are fiercely innovative. Our creativity and curiosity drives breakthrough ideas in technology, products, solutions, and processes. We strive to re-write conventional understandings of what is possible in welding.
  • We are passionate. Our commitment to welding technology is absolute. We are never satisfied or complacent. Every breakthrough, no matter how large, is but one step on a journey of continuous improvement.
  • We show courage.
  • We are entrepreneurial by nature, and are unafraid of putting theoretical possibilities to the test.
  • We are obsessively customer centric.
  • We work tirelessly to solve the fabrication challenges of our customers, whether large or small. We routinely pool the global resources of our company, our distributors and our partners to deliver exceptional customer outcomes.
  • We deliver excellence. From how we conduct advanced research to how we support our customers, from the front office to the back, we strive for and settle for nothing less than excellence in all that we do
  • We recruit well & we look after our people. We create environments in which people flourish, both professionally and personally. We have fun. We challenge each other. We are one team.

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