K-TIG Water Cooler

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K-TIG Water Cooler 

Accurate flow and pressure delivery, efficient cooling, low noise, zero vibration transmission.

Designed for continuous high current operation. Non-corrosive 20 litre reservoir, stainless steel pump and shafts, heat resistant motor.



Download the K-TIG Water Cooler Specification Sheet here

Make - K-TIG
Model - K-TIG Thermal Cool 1000
Motor Input
- 380VAC; 50 Hz
Max. Cooling
- 5 litres/min
Tank Capacity - 20 Litres
Dimensions - 590 mm (23.2”)
- 380 mm (15.0”)
- 675 mm (26.5”)
Weight without
- 30 kg
Water flow
- Yes
For cooling torches
rated upto
- 1000 amps
The fact that you can weld very quickly and with excellent integrity in the weld joint means the K-TIG is great for our business. 
Jeff Thomas, Vice President, Operations, TITAN Metal Fabrication

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