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Welding Organizations

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

ANSI, a private nonprofit membership organization supported by a diverse constituency of private and public sector organizations, is the administrator and coordinator of the U.S. private sector voluntary standardization system.

American Welding Society (AWS)

AWS develops codes; offers technical training, certification programs, conferences and an annual exposition; and makes available books, charts, videos and software to its members.

Canadian Welding Bureau

The CWB Group is an industry supported private sector organization providing welding certification, management systems registration and training services to over 7600 companies in 34 countries. Supported through the Canadian Welding Bureau, CWB Institute, QUASAR, and the Canadian Welding Association membership, the CWB Group provides a comprehensive and integrated service to the welding and joining industry.

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, with staff and offices across the country, the CWB Group is accredited by, and operates under the authority of, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a Certification Body for the administration of Canadian Standards Association (CSA) welding related standards.

Canadian Welding Association

The CWA was formed as a national membership driven association, mandated to promoting and supporting the welding and joining industry in Canada. The CWA’s mission is to provide a Canadian forum in which welding professionals, their employers, fabricators and welding-products suppliers are all able to exchange information, share knowledge resources and work with government and regulatory agencies and each other to advance the welding profession, its products and its practices.

Edison Welding Institute (EWI)

EWI provides welding and joining information through technical assistance, contract research, consultancy and training. Headquartered in Ohio, EWI has locations in Columbus, Buffalo, metro Detroit, and metro Washington, DC. EWI operates a number of interest groups that act as hubs for the advancement of specific technologies and industries, all of which are designed to improve public/private collaboration, strengthen U.S. manufacturing supply chains, and make U.S. manufacturers more competitive.

EWI maintains test labs and $20 million of capital equipment in their 132,000 sq. ft. facility.

Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International (FMA)

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA) is a professional organization with more than 2,300 individual and company members working together to improve the metal forming and fabricating industry. Founded in 1970, FMA brings metal fabricators and equipment manufacturers together through technology councils, educational programs, networking events, and FABTECH. The official publications of FMA include - The FABRICATOR, The Tube & Pipe Journal, STAMPING Journal, Practical Welding Today, and Canadian Industrial Machinery. FMA also has two technology affiliates, the Tube & Pipe Association, International (TPA) and the Sustainable Manufacturer Network (SMN).

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

SME is an organization for individuals, students, educators and companies involved in all facets of manufacturing. Founded in 1932, it is dedicated to advancing and educating the manufacturing industry. This is accomplished through a variety of tactics and outlets including events, media, membership, training and development, and an education foundation. SME focuses its efforts on several areas of manufacturing: aerospace and defense, energy, medical and motorized vehicles.

The Welding Institute (TWI)

TWI is one of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, with expertise in materials joining and engineering processes as applied in industry. TWI specialises in innovation, knowledge transfer and in solving problems across all aspects of manufacturing, fabrication and whole-life integrity management.

Established in Cambridge, UK in 1946, the organisation has gained a first-class reputation for service through its teams of respected consultants, scientists, engineers and support staff. Now, approaching 1000 employees, it works with over 1800 Industrial Member companies in 70 countries.

Welding Technology Institute of Australia

The Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) is the recognised national Australian body representing the overall interests of the Australian welding industry, with its primary goal to lead and assist in making Australian Industry locally and globally competitive in welding-related activities. The Institute is a membership-based, cooperative, not-for-profit, national organisation representing the Australian welding industry

Formed in 1989 through an amalgamation of the Australian Welding Institute (AWI) (founded 1929) and the Australian Welding Research Association (AWRA) (founded 1964), its key roles are in technology transfer, certification of personnel, education and training, provision of technical services and facilitating research and development.

Welding Research Council (WRC)

WRC committees identify areas in which joining and pressure vessel technology must be advanced and provide a forum for the exchange, evaluation and dissemination of the pertinent technical information. The group's publications are applications-oriented and provide specific recommendations based on validated technology.

Vocational Training is described as education within a vocational institutions that formulates people for a specific trade. 

Stainless Steel Development Associations

Global International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF)

Brazil Nucleo Inox 

China Stainless Steel Council of China Specialist Steel Enterprises Association 

Germany Informationsstelle Edelstahl Rostfrei (ISER)

India Indian Stainless Steel Development Association (ISSDA) 

Italy Centro Inox 

Japan Japan Stainless Steel Association (JSSDA) 

Korea Korea Iron and Steel Association (KOSA) 

Malaysia Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry Federation (MISIF) 

Mexico Centro Nacional para el Desarrollo del Acero Inoxydable, A.C. (CENDI)

New New Zealand Stainless Steels Development Association (NZSSDA) Zealand 

South Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) Africa 

Spain Cedinox 

Sweden Swedish Steel Producers' Association 

Switzerland Swiss Inox 

Taiwan Taiwan Steel and Iron Industries Association 

Thailand Thai Stainless Steel Development Association (TSSDA) 

United United Kingdom - British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA) Kingdom 

United Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) States 

Alloying Element Associations

Global International Chromium Development Association (ICDA)

Global International Manganese Institute (IMnI) 

Global International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) 

Global Nickel Institute (NI) 

Titanium Associations

Global The International Titanium Association (ITA) 

Global Titanium Resource Centre 

Japan Japan Titanium Society 

China China Nonferrous Metal lndustry Association Titanium Branch 

United Titanium Information Group Kingdom 

New Titanium Industry Development Association Zealand 

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