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What Does K-TIG Do?

Looking for examples of K-TIG welding? Want to learn more about our innovative welding system? If so, view our image gallery

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Meet The K-TIG Team

The K-TIG team

Discover more about the vision and values that drive innovation at K-TIG Advanced Welding Systems

Our Vision & Values

Customer satisfaction is the primary driver for our business. Learn more about our customer ethos here at K-TIG

Customer Ethos

K-TIG is a high speed, single pass, full penetration welding technology that welds up to 100x faster than TIG welding. Discover our history here

Our History

K-TIG’s customers include many of the world’s largest fabricators. K-TIG is entrusted by the nuclear and defence industries to deliver on projects

Our Customers

At K-TIG we strive to continuously improve our welding safety and environmental performance and to be an inclusive, committed and supportive member


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