Stainless Steel Welding Made Easy

Stainless steel is a popular material choice for the fabrication industry. It offers strength, durability and renowned resistance to corrosion (hence the term “stainless” or no rust). However, stainless steel welding does pose a few challenges, particularly compared to mild steel. Welding stainless ...

A New Start with K-TIG | by Chris Bayly, Boilermaker & Welder

Not long ago I started with K-TIG, and so commenced a new chapter in my working career. To say the concept was new to me would be an understatement. From the first phone call from a previous supervisor asking me to check out their website, to now 7 months of working for K-TIG, my perception and my k...

'Buy Nice or Buy Twice': Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Invest in Advanced Welding Equipment

  In recent years, amid increased global competition, welding and fabricating companies have been forced to implement innovative ways to improve their margins, increase productivity and quality, and boost revenue growth. While most cost reduction efforts have focused on the cost of the products bein...

Pipeline Fabrication Completed in 25% of Time | with K-TIG Welding

  The high speed, full penetration, repeatability and outstanding quality of Keyhole TIG welds are providing fabricators around the world with exceptional savings and productivity gains.   Relative to conventional TIG/GTAW welding, K-TIG customers routinely achieve savings of more than 70%, and savi...

10 Reasons Not to Buy a K-TIG System

 So you've heard about all the productivity gains and cost savings the K-TIG, keyhole GTAW system can deliver but you're just not convinced. Well this article is for you. Here are all the reasons you should absolutely, avoid buying a K-TIG System.

Weld Savings Comparison Brought to Life | K-TIG Versus TIG, MIG & GTAW Welding

 K-TIG performs single-pass, full-penetration welds of up to 5/8 inch (16mm), providing order-of-magnitude increases in productivity, with welding speeds up to 100x faster than conventional TIG/GTAW welding.

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How does K-TIG compare?

K-TIG is a high performance, full penetration variant of the TIG/GTAW process which delivers productivity previously only possible with expensive laser, hybrid laser and electron beam processes.

Unlike plasma arc welding, there is only one welding gas and no orifice, making the process exceptionally robust and welding procedures highly repeatable in a wide range of materials, thicknesses and applications.