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The K-TIG 1000 Precision Welding Wire Guide

Precision delivery.  Extreme durability.  Lifetime warranty.
The industry's most precise and durable wire guide unit. Suitable for all automated GTAW/TIG/K-TIG welding applications.



The K-TIG 1000 Precision Wire Guide

Precision Wire Delivery

  • Precision mechanism for both horizontal and vertical adjustment of the wire feed into the weld pool - even while welding.
  • The self-locking, self-centering adjustment mechanism moves independently of the body, allowing rapid, real-time weld optimisation during procedure development and repeatable and consistent wire delivery in production.
  • No unintended movement. No need to release, lock or unlock. No wire movement between the wire guide tip and the weld pool.

Positioning Movement

  • 270 degrees of axial positioning movement allows for an unlimited range of wire feed configurations, even where the available horizontal and vertical space around the torch is extremely limited.

Built Tough

  • Black anodized aluminium body machined from a single billet of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminium for extreme durability and long life in the harshest production environments.
  • Ergonomic adjustment screws, machined from 316 stainless steel ensure fine adjustment even with gloved hands. 
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Delivery Tube Tolerance

  • Copper delivery tube with perfectly straight interior chamber machined smooth to within 50 microns to ensure precise, uninterrupted wire delivery, even in continuous-use titanium and other soft-metal applications.

Wire Delivery Tip Tolerance

  • Replaceable wire delivery tips, precision-machined to a tolerance of 0.050 mm allow a full spectrum of wire thicknesses to be accommodated from 0.9 mm to 1.6 mm without lateral movement of the wire within the tip, greatly increasing the accuracy of wire placement and reducing the potential for wire curvature.

Mounts to any TIG/GTAW/K-TIG Torch

  • Heavy duty, machined clamp for precise and robust mounting to any GTAW/TIG/K-TIG welding torch.

Wire Diameters

  • Suitable for all wire diameters from 0.035 inch (0.9mm) to 0.0625 inch (1.6mm).

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The toughest, most accurate wire guide my team has ever used. 100% repeatable wire delivery.
Gary Lantzke, CEO Callidus Welding Solutions

Suitable for all automated GTAW & K-TIG welding applications

Precision Engineered by K-TIG

The K-TIG 1000 Precision Wire Guide has been engineered, built and quality assured to the extacting standards of K-TIG. 

Originally built for high-current keyhole welding applications and supplied exclusively to K-TIG fabricators, the K-TIG 1000 Precision Wire Guide is now available separately for all automated GTAW applications, and is used globally in a wide range of industries. 

Our Technology 

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Our products are designed to deliver exceptional, repeatable welding results that reduce strain on operators while dramatically reducing fabrication costs and improving productivity.


Our commitment

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