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How K-TIG welding works

The K-TIG process delivers advantages previously achievable with only high-cost laser, hybrid laser or electron beam welding.

This simple process makes automated, high quality, deep penetration welding accessible to any small-to-medium sized fabricator.

This patented technology is based on extensive, scientific study of the gas-tungsten-arc process, and is the result of many innovations relating to arc characteristics, weld pool stabilisation, heat removal and process efficiency. The K-TIG process is well suited to lower conductivity materials such as stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium alloys and indeed most corrosion resistant and exotic materials.

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The results speak for themselves – faster welding, less consumables, less prep, cleaner welds, reduced re-work and higher quality.
Jeff Thomas, Vice President, Operations, TITAN Metal Fabrication
K-TIG GE Case Study