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K-TIGTM is the developer and manufacturer of a patented, high productivity welding technology known as Keyhole TIG. The productivity impact of Keyhole TIG is considerable.
A K-TIG system is able for perform a conventional 6-hour TIG weld in 10 inch schedule 40 stainless steel pipe in 4 minutes, and to a quality standard which meets the most demanding requirements of the nuclear, aerospace & defence industries. In addition to 50x to 100x productivity advantages over TIG/GTAW, the K-TIG technology reduces power and gas consumption by up to 95% and dramatically reduces labour costs. Unlike conventional welding, K-TIG does not require edge bevelling and typically eliminates the need for wire consumables.

What is the maximum pipe or vessel diameter than can be welded with K-TIG?

There is no maximum pipe or vessel diameter which can be welded by K-TIG.

What is the minimum pipe diameter that can be welded with K-TIG?

K-TIG can readily weld pipe diameters down to 3 inches.

The reason for this is that managing the tie-in on pipes with diameters smaller than this becomes challenging as the weld is completed within seconds, requiring that the tie-in of the beginning and end of the weld is over very hot material.

Keyhole TIG technology reduces the preparation time needed for welding in the pipe manufacturing industry, greatly improving productivity. With square edged butt joins achievable in up to 15mm thick materials, edge preparations are a thing of the past.

K-TIG welding takes less than one tenth of the time of traditional TIG welding, and consumes a fraction of the material and power. The cost savings that flow from this are massive.

The technology of K-TIG also improves the quality of the pipes being manufactured, with improved weld consistency. As pipe-makers know, one defect in a weld join can set back production by days, adding huge costs and delays to projects. The technology of Keyhole TIG reduces the chance and number of defects. How does it do this?

Unlike traditional TIG welding, the penetration of K-TIG means it is possible to weld up to 15mm thick material with a single pass from the outside of the pipe only. K-TIG requires no filler materials for welds up to 5mm thick, resulting in a much cleaner weld by reducing the amount of foreign material, therefore reducing the risk of corrosion. Reduced risk of corrosion means improved safety of pipes.

The heart of the K-TIG system is its computerised controller, which is fine-tuned for the pipe manufacturing industry. The K-TIG controller not only monitors and controls all of the K-TIG components in the welding cell, it also communicated with your existing plant automation. This allows the K-TIG system to be seamlessly introduced to a pipe manufacturing plant, because it integrates with the components of an existing plant.

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